Voting on Demand internet based voting brought to you by Votenet Solutions, Inc., enables small organizations, with 1-5,000 eligible voters, to create and run professional, secure online elections and votes quickly and easily.

With Voting on Demand, election administrators have all of the tools they need to run successful web-based votes at a fraction of the cost of paper-based elections. Voting on Demand is the internet based voting solution of choice for associations, businesses, and private and non-profit organizations.  It offers a comprehensive solution that manages election content; ballot categories; survey questions; voter lists; as well as voter participation.  Plus Voting on Demand is a certified HACKER SAFE application.  No need to worry that your voter’s information will be compromised or your elections tampered with at any time!

Experience internet based voting, the greener alternative to paper ballots, that is ready when you are!